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LincFast is a new generation cloud based digital platform which helps businesses with distributed eco systems to automate their Sales processes and enable sales as well as non sales partners.
LincFast is helping various businesses to increase their sales productivity – which means you sell more with less resources & overheads, thereby optimizing your investments in Sales& partner eco systems.
The term enablement means “To energize and empower”. LincFast helps various sales and non sales partners to achieve high productivity levels thru automation of various sales & business processes, effective Sales & partners training, quick communication, availability of right information at right time (24x7) with easy access, addressing business problems quickly thus adding to business speed.
Companies have their own Salesforce (direct) as well as Sales partners (indirect). Sales partners include channels, resellers, distributors, retailers etc. Non Sales partners of a company include suppliers, consultants, contractors, logistics partners, advertising agencies and so on.
No. LincFast is available for all types of businesses – micro, small, medium and large. LincFast subscriptions can vary anywhere from 10 to as high as 10000.
Yes, absolutely. You can order a trial pack for 15 days (comes in two packs – 5 and 10 users). These are very nominally priced. We will assign a key account manager and a business analyst to help you use the product for your business on a trial basis.
LincFast adoption follows a 3 stage model:
a) 70% of your business needs will get mapped to LincFast business workflows
b) 10% of your business needs will get addressed thru configuration – means workflows can be configured (simple selection by you on platform) to suit your needs
c) 20% thru deep customization which would mean modifying some workflows and associated screens, business logics to address your very specific business needs
Yes. Your information is protected by Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and 128-bit encryption.
Every customer's data in LincFast is private to the customer's team alone. We are custodians of data on the behalf of teams that use LincFast; each team owns its data.
Cloud services do not require investments in IT infrastructure at client’s end. The service is ready for use immediately. Content is provided very quickly, as users receive data from the CDN (content delivery network) of Amazon.
Please mail us at demo@lincfast.com with preferred date and time. Our Sales team would contact you and plan further logistics – face to face demo or demo over webex.
Please see our pricing section for more details on price packs. Prices are all inclusive (cloud infra, maintenance, software upgrades). One time platform set up fee is charged depending upon complexity of deployment and extent of customization needed. Set up fee also includes free hours provided for development of partners page, Sales and other dashboards and training sessions for users.